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On The Cover Winter 2014

Bethany and Jesse Bamber, married on July 6, 2013. The wedding ceremony was held in the newest addition to the Manor House, The Carriage House, which was beautiful hardwood floors and wood beams providing a cabin rustic feel to their wedding. Bethany's dress was purchased from David's Bridal and customized with beaded embellishments handmade by herself and her mom. While it rained on and off that day it didn't dampen their spirits.... Bethany had cute flower rain boots on hand for just such an occasion. Jesse looked fantastic in his President Tuxedo tux, with the groomsmen in blue ties and vests to match the blue bridesmaid dresses. Their friends surprised the couple with a baton twirler entrance to the reception, a nod to Bethany's past. At the end of the evening an impromptu circle encased the couple on the dance floor as they danced romantically to the last song of the night followed by a giant group hug.

By Intern Megan:

Keeping traditions can be a fun way to bond with not only your family, but culture as well. Although it’s cool to think that you’re keeping traditions going that were taught centuries ago, I’m happy that some of them are simply just traditions of the past. There are some strange ones out there that I don’t think I would want to try. Check them out for yourself!

Tossing of the Bouquet/Garter
Can you imagine having your guests come at you like barbarians tearing your fabulous dress to pieces in order to “grab some luck”? That’s exactly what happened in earlier centuries throughout the world. Every guest used to think that if they grabbed a piece of the gown the bride was wearing that some good luck would happen in their life too. As years went on dresses became more and more expensive, so it became more common for brides to want to keep their dress. That’s when bride’s started to get creative and decided they would throw their bouquet or garter instead of having their beautiful dress ripped to shreds.


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