Alexis & Ryan Engagement Story

When school started up I was considered a non-traditional student. I was working on my fifth year and was no longer an athlete. I knew something was missing once my swimming career ended I just didn’t know what. This led to me going to church every Sunday and going to a lifegroup called FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) every Thursday night. Around October was when I first started to take interest in Ryan. The more I heard him speak at FCA and how passionate he was made me fall even harder for him. Once I became single things started to become more real, almost tod real. Shortly after we found out that I actually lived next door to him.

The first time we talked in person he had a broken finger from hockey. Shortly after we started seeing one another at our FCA hangouts. We always seemed to be crushing on one another from a distance. One night after I made these delicious banana peanut butter cookies, he texted me. He was saying how many he ate and how he needed to work out. I was able to persuade him to get up at 6am to run with me before I had to go coach. That was our very first hang out and I loved every minute of it!

A few days after our run I found out that he had broken his foot two days after being cleared to play with his finger. Although this seemed like a terrible situation it opened up so many doors for our relationship to flourish. Since I lived next door I was able to cook him meals and he would hop, literally, over to my house and have dinner with me. We started hanging out more and more and finally we had a pretty serious talk. He told me everything that he wanted out of a relationship and how he wanted to stay pure till marriage. Once we saw that we both wanted the same things we realized how serious we really were about each other.

One night before his team had a game, he took me to dinner and when we got back to his house he asked me in. As we walked in the lights were off in the kitchen and he led me over to the counter. Once he uncovered my eyes I saw cookies out on the counter and he wrote “girlfriend?” on them. At that moment I knew that he was going to be the man I spend the rest of my life with! I of course said yes after making him sweat a little bit.

Each day we continued to spend more and more time together, growing together and growing closer to God. I had never wanted to be around someone so much and actually enjoyed it. As the school year went on he was finally cleared to finish out his hockey season. After his season ended he signed a NHL contract with the San Jose Sharks. After this happened we knew that we were going to have to have some serious conversations about our future together.

Even though we had only been together for a few months we knew that what we had was one of a kind. Even though some of our conversations weren’t the easiest I knew that we would work it out. How could we not? He’s the man of my dreams! We decided that the best thing to do would be to get engaged this summer and married next summer so we could be together. Once summer hit my nerves were every. I knew he was going to propose but I didn’t know when. It was so hard to not look at wedding ideas, which made more anxious.

The fact that he got everything that meant something to us for the proposal meant so much. Our first hang out being a run, which we did and then him also tying in cookies since that’s how he asked me to be his girlfriend. How could it not be meant to be? I literally moved right next door to the kid right before he broke his foot. What perfect timing. Just shows how great God is. I am so happy to say that I am more than excited to spend the rest of my life with Ryan, my best friend. He is truly a dream come true!Ryan, the sweet man that he is, had this huge idea planned out to propose and me being stubborn squashed it. I obviously didn’t know that he was planning something or I would have gone along. Even though he couldn’t go with what he originally planned he still worked something out. We ended up staying at his best friends condo and while we went on walk his friend went to the store and bought all the necessities for what Ryan had planned. That night he asked if we could go on a run while the sun was rising since we were staying on the beach. How could I pass that up? As we were on our run his best friend set everything up. There was a blanket out, roses on the blanket, roses leading up to the blanket and of course cookies saying “Marry Me?”. As we came to the blanket I was oblivious at first then realized what he was doing. He got down on one knee and worked his magic and naturally I screamed, YES!

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