The Opportunity

What’s better than building a business in a upward trending, recession resistant industry? How about building a business that sits at the intersection of two upward trending, recession resistant industries.

At Bride & Groom Planner, our franchisees are building businesses that capitalize on the steamrolling momentum of the wedding industry and the rock-solid maturity of the advertising industry.

The fact is, in good times and in bad, brides continue to spend significant dollars on their weddings. That simply isn’t going to change. And wedding-related businesses HAVE to spend money to advertise to those money-spending brides if they want to survive and succeed.

Our franchisees are building thriving businesses and enjoying unparalleled success.

  • A Proven Business Model – If you bring the passion, we’ll bring the knowledge. While any market already has various resources for brides, we will teach you how to show those business owners to spend their advertising dollars with you.
  • Get Trained by the Best in the Business - All of our franchisees are trained by owners Christy and Joe Schimpf.
  • Building a Business with Passion – All Bride and Groom Planner franchisees have three common character traits; an entrepreneurial spirit, a “from-the-heart” attitude for customer service, and a genuine passion for sales. Bride and Groom Planner offers budding entrepreneurs the rare chance to build a successful business while helping brides plan what will be one of the most important memories in their lives.
  • Quality of Life - Our franchisees are able to enjoy the quality of life that comes with building an income in a solid, growing industry, from the comfort of their own home. Without large staffs or commercial leases cutting into their profit margins, Bride and Groom Planner possesses a rare degree of freedom and flexibility, a flexibility that ensures that your life outside of work can be as equally rewarding as your life within it.

This is definitely an exciting time for Bride & Groom Planner and our franchisees. If you’d like to know more, simply request more information or click next to read more about our offering.