Brides On A Budget:

Written by Intern Dianna Colontonio 2016

Brides On A Budget: 5 Tips For Saving Money On Your Wedding Planning.
1. DIY- From centerpieces to favors, decor pieces or sweet treats. Creating a fun project for any of these things is guaranteed to save you more than a few dollars.
2. Cut your guest list. Once you’ve done that, trim it even more. Trust me, those people you were friends with in high school that only come up as a Facebook notification inviting you to play Farmville won’t cry forever about it. Keep it simple and intimate with your family and closest friends. This will cut down costs on catering, seating, invitations, and may have a large impact on the venue price if you can opt for a smaller site.
3. Venue- Choose a venue that has space for both your ceremony and reception. Not only will you save money on transportation, but you can possibly get an all inclusive package deal offered by the venue.
    • Do your research on wedding dates that are the most popular and avoid them. Venues will charge more on a date       that has a higher demand, just like a florist will raise their price on flowers around Valentine’s Day.
4. Prioritize. Figure out what is most important to you in terms of the different elements so you can save money on things that aren’t as meaningful to you. Would you rather spend a few extra dollars on nicer flowers and save money on your cake by having a simple design? Weigh the pros and cons of your options and decide how to budget them.
5. Take your time. Planning a huge event like a wedding is going to take a lot of time, and you should be in no rush because you’re going to spend the rest of your life with your partner! Taking the time to do thorough research will be worth the bucks you save by booking everything early! This will also allow you more time to save more paychecks.

Hiring A Wedding Planner

Written by Intern Dianna Colontonio 2016 

So the time has finally come. He asked, and you said yes. Congratulations! Now it is time to plan the wedding of your dreams, and you have to pretend like you haven’t already been planning it for months now. When considering whether to hire a wedding planner, always keep in mind that of course weddings are fun, but they require a LOT of work. Skip the pressure of doing it all yourself by hiring an expert to assist you and make your vision into a reality. You can do all the research you want on venues, floral arrangements, decor, etc., but a professional will narrow your search by helping you figure out specifically what you are looking for in each of these aspects. The following is all you need to know about hiring a wedding planner, whether it be full service, a consultant, or a day-of planner.
Before you marry the love of your life, be ready to commit to another serious relationship during the upcoming months of your wedding. Yes, I am referring to the relationship with your wedding planner. As a bride, you will be working very closely with this person for a long period of time, so don’t bother being shy. When interviewing possible wedding planners, take notes about their personality. They might have a great portfolio, but is this someone you can really see yourself getting along with? If not, consider hiring them as a consultant that you can go to if you need any questions answered or a little bit of help here and there. That way, you don’t have to spend all of your time with someone you can’t stand, and you don’t have to spend as much money! It’s a win-win situation.
If you’re the type of person who already has a Pinterest board filled with wedding inspiration, make sure you come prepared. Bring all of your ideas for every aspect of the wedding you can think of, and try to find examples of each in magazines or online. If you’re the type who needs a bit of help in terms of your creativity, let the planner know you are open to new ideas, but be honest with your opinions about any suggestions they might have. Their job is to be involved in the creative process, so don’t worry if you aren’t sure of what you want. After laying out all of your ideas, it is your turn to ask the questions. What is his or her vision? Is all or any of this possible? What can they do to turn these dreams of yours into a reality? How will they get all of this done? A true expert should be able to form an idea about what they think you want for your wedding.
If you get frustrated, remember why you hired them. Did they tell you the floral arrangements you wanted were way out of your budget? Take a deep breath, and relax. They’re just trying to stick with the plan you gave them and make it all possible. Instead of panicking, discuss other options that will better suit your budget. However, if you have the opposite problem and your planner isn’t sticking to the budget you gave them, definitely have a meeting and explain that there needs to be more control. You don’t have to be a bridezilla about it, but be firm. It is your wedding after all, and you are the one paying them to assist you.
If you aren’t convinced by now that you should definitely hire a wedding planner, just remember how much time, energy and money you’re going to save if you do. Sure, hiring a planner is an investment, but it is worth every penny and it isn’t difficult to budget for it. Save your money by letting a professional handle the details and day-of emergency fixes. Let yourself stay excited during the months prior to the wedding instead of being overstressed. Just find someone who understands you, shows passion in what they do, and can make your dreams come true! I’m talking about a wedding planner, but I guess those could work for your future husband too.

Love Facts

Fun Facts about Dating, Marriages, & Love: Love. BY Intern Megan:

What is it exactly? It’s so magical that it’s practically indescribable. Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Love” is “a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person”. There are hundreds of definitions out there though because love is such a broad word. It’s so hard to describe because its such a remarkable feeling that you get when you actually are in love. Check out these crazy facts about dating, marriage, and love that will completely blow your mind!

Honeymoon in Maldives

 By Intern Xiang Li:

If a honeymoon means to spend the sweetest time with your beloved in a secluded and peaceful, and most significantly, a romantic place, then Maldives should be the perfect one ever to fulfill all your requirements for a once in a lifetime honeymoon.

Romantic Journey in Paris

 By Intern Xiang Li:

When it comes to honeymoon, the first word that pop out must be romantic, because the most significant standard for a honeymoon destination is romantic.

Paris, the capital city of France, is the forth-largest international metropolis in the world, right after the New York City, London and Tokyo. Now let’s follow one of the most popular honeymoon routes, to experience the typical French romance in Paris.

White Day is Coming

 By Intern Xiang Li:

Everybody knows Valentine’s Day, but how many of you know White Day(In Japanese:ホワイトデー)?

Actually, White Day (14th, March every year) originates from Japan, and it is a product of marketing strategy. In Japan, a female who wants to make her confessions of love would send a present to her dream lover on Valentine’s Day. And the guy who accepts the present is supposed to prepare a gift for the girl and express his feelings a month later, on 14th, March. Some other Asian countries, such as China and Korea, also celebrate this special festival.

Create Your Unique Wedding Playlist

 By Intern Xiang Li:

A thoughtful arrangement of wedding songs not only clarifies every step, but it also helps reach the climax of the whole wedding, thus making the wedding amazing and moving.

Be careful when you are creating your own wedding playlist. Here are some tips:

Plan Your Alice in the Wonderland Wedding

 By Intern Xiang Li:

In love with the fairytale Alice in the Wonderland? Why don’t you plan your own theme wedding? Seems complicated, but if you find a right way into the planning, it will not be too hard to attain. The mild spring is coming soon; just let lovely Alice wander on your wedding!

The couple Amber and Mario has plenty of imagination, which was revealed in their attractive spring theme wedding. The inspiration comes from the fairytale Alice in the Wonderland, with a traditional British afternoon tea atmosphere and creative elements.

Dressing the Bridal Party

By Intern Megan:

From the shoes, to hair, to colors, to accessories, picking out your bridal party’s attire can be a long process. It’s important that everyone looks stunning since they will be standing up at the alter with you on your big day. It is also important that everyone’s attire matches your theme so the whole ceremony flows together nicely. Here are a few tips so your party not only looks fabulous on the big day, but FEELS fabulous too!

Changes in Indian Weddings

By Internt: Xiang Li 

The wedding season of India usually lasts for a long time, from December to May of the next year, avoiding the heat and rainy season. In India, getting married is a special milestone for the middle class family. Every family member works hard for several years in order to earn enough savings for a series of marathon-like parties and ceremonies, and stepping into the wedding finally.


Let’s Get Personal: Yay!  By Intern Megan:
You’re getting married to the love of your life, how exciting! I’m sure you’re head over heels in love with this person, am I right?! What a great feeling! Now it’s time to express to all your friends and family how you really feel. That’s right, I’m talking about writing your own personal wedding vows! Some people hate public speaking (which I don’t blame you, it freaks me out a little too), but many couples have been doing it recently and it’s such a great way to show your love and affection towards each other infront of all your friends and family. Here’s some tips to help get you started on writing your perfectly written wedding vows.

Date Night

 By Intern Megan:

Exciting Adventures: Whether you just started dating, about to get married, or have been married for 25 years you should still go on dates with your loved one to keep things exciting! Some people make excuses such as, dates are too expensive, or I don’t know any fun things to do for a date, or we’ve been dating for so long we don’t need to go on dates anymore. Statistics show that couples that go on dates tend to stay together longer and live happier lives together! Here’s some fun date ideas for any budget or age, so now you have no excuses not to have exciting date nights!!!

Crazy Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

By Intern Megan:
So let me guess, you’re the Maid of Honor at your best friends wedding and you have no freaking idea where to begin planning for the bachelorette party?! Not only is the bride counting on you to give her an amazing last night out before she ties the knot but all the bridesmaids’ expectations are just as high too! Don’t worry; the bride picked you to be the maid of honor for a reason. She trusts your judgments and whatever you plan for this fun filled girl’s night will for sure be a hit! Here are some fun filled ideas for games, locations, and gift ideas!!

Traditions of the Past

By Intern Megan:

Keeping traditions can be a fun way to bond with not only your family, but culture as well. Although it’s cool to think that you’re keeping traditions going that were taught centuries ago, I’m happy that some of them are simply just traditions of the past. There are some strange ones out there that I don’t think I would want to try. Check them out for yourself!

Tossing of the Bouquet/Garter
Can you imagine having your guests come at you like barbarians tearing your fabulous dress to pieces in order to “grab some luck”? That’s exactly what happened in earlier centuries throughout the world. Every guest used to think that if they grabbed a piece of the gown the bride was wearing that some good luck would happen in their life too. As years went on dresses became more and more expensive, so it became more common for brides to want to keep their dress. That’s when bride’s started to get creative and decided they would throw their bouquet or garter instead of having their beautiful dress ripped to shreds.

Your Sweet Escape

By Intern Megan:

Imagine walking down the beach with your loved one hand in hand, sipping on a margarita with not a care in the world except each other’s happiness. The warm sun shining down on you perfectly as you frolic around the beach, letting the sand and water tickle your freshly painted toes. Let’s face it. That margarita sounds a lot better on the beach rather than in good old Cincinnati, am I right? A destination wedding can be a great way to make your ceremony unique and exciting! Here are some simple tips if you’re having (or considering) a destination wedding.

Late Night Munchies

By Intern Megan:
The reception is one of the most exciting parts of your wedding. There’s dancing, liquor, friends, and family, but what’s missing? SNACKS! I don’t know about you, but I love food and I’m sure your guests do as well. Having a snack bar at your wedding is a fun, new trend that several weddings are starting to have. Sometimes foods can be messy and annoying to carry around, so try having fun bite size snacks. It’s an easy fix to get your guests re-energized to dance with you some more! Here are some yummy snack ideas you can try for yourself! (Ingredient amounts will vary.)

Magnificent Wedding in a Prosperous Period of Ancient China

By Intern: Xiang Li

It’s safe to say that weddings in the Tang Dynasty (from A.D.618 to A.D.907) are the one of the best representative of Chinese traditional weddings. Among the 5,000 years history of ancient China, the Tang Dynasty is definitely the most prosperous one: The whole country was strong and peaceful, people were rich and happy, and luckily the cultural ethos was at its peak.

Have fun at a Uyghur Wedding

By: Intern Xiang Li

Uyghur is one of the 55 national minorities in China. Gathering in the northwest of China (shown as blue region in the picture), Uyghur has their own unique wedding customs.

Well, the basic principle of a Uyghur wedding is to HAVE FUN!

IPod vs. DJ

By Intern Megan:

“It’s fun to stay at the YYYY-M-C-A, it’s fun to stay at the YYYY-M-C-A. They have everything for you men to enjoy, you can hang out with all your boys…” Guests go wild for classic hits like these at wedding receptions! Almost everyone knows all the lyrics and moves, which makes everyone want to get up and dance! The new trend that everyone is doing to save money is using an IPod and hooking it up to an ihome instead of hiring a DJ. But the questions that many are having are “Will my songs flow together alright? Will the music I choose make the guests want to get up and dance?” It all depends on how the bride wants her wedding set up. Here are some pro’s and con’s to help you decide which works better for your wedding plan!

Where My Girls At?

By: Intern Meagan Roell

Where My Girls At?!
So your man finally popped the question? You now have the perfect hubby AND a stunning rock on your hand, what could be missing in this fairytale? Your girls!!! Your special day would be nothing without your best friends by your side. Since they will be dealing with your many ups and downs of wedding planning, it is a nice gesture to give your bridesmaids a cute gift in a creative way to remember such a fun day!!
You may think finding the perfect gift may be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Your bridesmaids will love anything you pick out, but they will mostly just be excited to be apart of such a big day in your life!

BREATHE! Just relax

By: Intern Megan Roell 
No matter how prepared you may be, every bride gets a little stressed out from time to time during the planning process. Stress can take a toll on your every day life and your relationship with your husband. Nothing should get in the way of you and your man and your big deal. There are simple and easy ways to fix that bad mood vibe and get you back to your happy self in no time at all!

First lets start with the basics…

The Amazing Bridal Show

By Intern Ziang Li
Welcome to Cincinnati Wedding Showcase for the amazing Bridal Show sponsored by our company- the Bride & Groom Planner!

Wandering in the showroom, the feeling was just like attending the career fair last semester at our university. I mean, every company related to the wedding industry was trying hard to show themselves to the guests. The guests stepped around and stopped for what they’re interested in. People talked and laughed a lot. It was not as formal as the career fair, though. Because all the time I came across faces with sweet smiles, not only from the brides and grooms themselves, but also from their families and friends. Definitely, girls would love nothing more than a once in a life time wedding, since they’ve been dreaming about since they were little babies.

Daur Wedding

By: Intern Xiang Li
Daur is one of the 55 national minorities living in the north of China, whose wedding customs are super interesting. Daur weddings are usually as solemn as jubilant.

Want to marry a Daur girl? Got admitted first! Now pay attention! 

It is not as easy as you once thought to marry a Daur girl, because you have to go through an “interview” from your girlfriend’s family for the permission. There will always be an elder standing at the door, questioning about your appearance, personality and knowledge, etc. According to your answers, you will be informed with the result whether you’re admitted or not. Interestingly, before you’re admitted officially by the girl’s family, you’re not allowed to enter their house. But once you’re invited politely into their house, you might get extremely excited since that means you’ve already got the admission and appreciation from the girl’s family!

Wedding Cake Trends of 2013

Wedding Cake Trends of 2013


Ombre is currently known in our language as the popular hair color trend that has swept across the nation by celebrities. Ombre is the progression of one color from light to dark. This trend has been introduced to cake decoration by starting with a white tier at the top and layer by layer darkening the color according to the themed color pallet. Although this technique is a trend, the color is timeless in adding touches of feminine romance to a boring white cake.

Top Seasonal Buffet Style Food

Appetizers, entrees and desert are a great way to mix up traditional and typically boring foods. Variations of flavors and ingredients allow guests to choose snacks that are made to order.

1. Bread & olive oil appetizer bar.

Serve bite size slices of herbed bread alongside various seasoned oils. Soak fresh herbs in oil, whisk in balsamic vinaigrette, and sprinkle with grated cheeses. Serve bread and oil with wine, cheese, and fresh grapes for a fresh Italian inspired appetizer perfect for an outdoor rustic wedding.

Top 5 Trends in Invitations for 2013

Mary Hopple, owner of M. Hopple & Co. has provided Bride & Groom Planner with some of the latest trends in invitation and stationery for 2013. Since 1981, M. Hopple & Co. has earned a reputation for quality products, personalized service, and an excellent selection of wedding stationery, personal stationery, party invitations, giftables, wrap, and greeting cards. Nationally recognized in the stationery industry, M. Hopple offers selections from reputable vendors such as Crane & Co., William Arthur, Checkerboard, C’est Papier, Designer’s Fine Press, Dauphine, Birchcraft, Caspari, and many more. Contact M. Hopple & Co. to help you celebrate your next occasion!

Top Wedding Dress Trends For 2013

Bridal fashion week just ended a couple of weeks ago and the top wedding dress designers showcased their stunning designs on the runway for all to see! These are just a few of the many wonderful wedding dress trends that were shown during the New York Bridal Fashion Week. A huge THANK YOU to Kelly, owner of Yours Truly, Kelly, Kelly for helping Bride & Groom Planner choose a few of the top trends in bridal retail! With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Yours Truly, Kelly offers High End Designer Quality Gowns at a fraction of retail prices. Many of these trends can be found in a boutique near you very soon! Check out Yours Truly, Kelly's store at 133 W. Benson Street, Reading, Ohio 45215 or call to set up an appointment today 513-679-7740!

Summer Wedding

Who was not scarred by the quote from Mary played by Jennifer Lopez in the movie, The Wedding Planner, “Do you realize Fran has chosen teal for her brides maids? Teal, the color of gang-green. My last bride who chose teal ended up getting her marriage annulled in 12 days!?” Now, teal can be incorporated into the wedding as an accent color against a coral, tangerine, green, and neutral pallet. A touch of gold plating against crystal glass shimmer will add a touch of elegance to an evening reception. With this summer color pallet, use nature to compliment the evening and take the celebration outside. String lights on trees nearby a wooden made dance floor surrounded by high top cocktail tables near the bar. A signature drink, like a blackberry raspberry mojito will complement the fresh summer theme.

How to ask your bridal party

Selecting attendants is one of the earliest planning decision you will make. Fill your wedding with your favorite people, food, music and flowers. It is a day for sharing love, happiness, and a new commitment to your new partner. Brides are now becoming more creative in the ways they ask their bridesmaids and groomsmen. As wedding season approaches, guests are not only attending several weddings – they are asked to be in several. This means they have to consider the costs of buying a dress/tux, planning parties, and attending multiple wedding functions. Surprise your bridal party by asking them in a creative and unique way.Make them feel special by creating a gift box or include hand written personal notes along with some wedding jewelry.

How to get in shape for your wedding day

Whether you are looking to slim down or tighten up, this guide will allow you to make small changes to your everyday lifestyle that will result in some major self confidence on your wedding day! Since I am not a certified nutritionist, dietitian, or personal trainer this is not a diet or grueling exercise plan. I have compiled some tips and tricks that I have come across to getting started, finding the motivation when you need it, and maintaining this lifestyle after your wedding.

1. The first step is getting everyone on board with you! This includes your new fiancé, wedding party, friends and family. Let them know you are committed to a new lifestyle and need support keeping on track. It would be a great idea to get everyone involved so they too will look their best!

A History of Veils

The wearing of the veils is one of the oldest bridal traditions in the book. The bridal veil has a history that dates back as far as love runs deep. The veils has always been so strongly associated with the wedding dress that the majority of brides say would never walk down the aisle without one.

In the earliest of times, historians could trace back the veil to Roman Empire. Brides wore a traditional special cloth around their face. They were meant to frighten away any evil spirits who might kidnap the bride before the big day. In a biblical sense, the veil was used to trick Jacob into marrying plain Leah instead of her sister, Rachel. With time, the veil came to mean the assurance of the husband to his family of the bride’s virtue and purity. When the veil was lifted, this signified that the groom was taking possession of his wife when first seeing her face. This was also known as revealing the bride to the groom’s family.

Marriage Licenses

The wedding ceremony is only one part of the marriage process. The marriage license, papers authorizing a legal marriage, must be filed and filled out to make the bondage legal in the eyes of the government. For Cincinnati couples, Hamilton County Probate Court is the place to be.

“Our purpose is to issue Marriage Licenses to Hamilton County residents who wish to marry in Ohio” (Hamilton County Probate Court.2012). Not only will your marriage be deemed as legitimate, but it will also be kept in the records of Hamilton County.

Bridal Stress Relievers

The big day is looming ahead, and you are stressed to no end. From booking venues and photographers, to picking colors and bridesmaid’s dresses, your days are booked solid. Here are some easy and relaxing tips that will help you unwind and feel more at ease.

Take a Time Out - Yes, we know time out’s were usually reserved for bad behavior in grade school, but think of this as a time to breathe. Take a weekend or two off throughout the planning and do something for you. Activities like reading a book, taking a walk, scrapbooking, and listening to some great music are all great ways to take your mind away.

Wedding Trends of 2012

With the 2012 summer wedding season coming up fast, it’s no wonder many happy couples are trying something new and taking advantage of some of the hottest wedding trends of 2012.

Long Sleeves and Lace: You may think long sleeves and lace on a wedding dress is more circa 1927 than 2012, but this old school look is making a comeback. As people take a royal cue from Princess Kate, sheer backs, illusion sleeves, and lots of lace are making a statement down the aisle.

Charming Bouquet: Fairy tales are often inspiration for dream weddings. Why not add some fairy tale magic to your wedding in the form of your bouquet? A new trend for brides is opting for a woodsy feeling to tell the tale of love. Soft, perfectly pretty bouquets filled with peonies, dahlias, cabbage roses, and the occasional feather are sure to show off your fairy tale dreams.

Wedding Cake Trends of 2012

A centerpiece for most weddings is the traditional cake. Used for eating, smashing, and gazing, the cake is the king of the reception. Trends come and trends go, but here are some trends that will keep you in the know.

Lace Cakes: Lace has made the biggest splash on the fashion front, so it’s natural this

Black is Back: Black is the classic cousin to lace that has never quite left the fashion circuit. Black is simple, slimming, and elegant yet edgy. It’s definitely not a traditional color for a wedding cake, but it is new and exciting.light and classic look is making its way onto cakes as well. Showing your baker the lace pattern on your dress, or any piece of lace you love, and let their ideas take you away.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

Your time of unity with your significant other is coming closer and closer by the day and soon it will be time to celebrate the end of your single years. You know you don’t want a run of the mill bachelorette party, but you fear this will limit your choice. Think again! Here is your guide to a great gals night out.

The Adventurous Bride: If risk is your game and adrenaline is your sugar high, try a bachelorette party at a casino or a racetrack. Many of these venues have nice restaurants, shows, and even rooms you can book out for the night. A bonus to this alternative party is that some make out with enough money to pay for bridesmaid dresses, or even just a wedding present.

Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower 5

This week we are rounding out our series on The Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower and talking about decorations! This post is ALL ABOUT bringing you easy, affordable, outside of the box ideas to help you plan your next bridal shower and become the hostess with the mostess!

Centerpieces can help set the stage and bring your tables to life! Make your centerpieces MASTERPIECES with these wedding cake candles like the one pictured above. Simply DARLING! Displaying them in bunches can really add to the effect!  Easy and affordable, check out these ideas below for another alternative! Gathering up vintage cans and filling them with an array of flowers or simply placing a nice color combination of candles can add a unique touch.

Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower 4

UM plain and simple……who does not LOVE to eat good food at a bridal shower? More importantly, serve food that is interesting and fun?! This week we are getting our foodie on at Bride and Groom and are sharing some entertaining menu options WE LOVE for bridal showers. Food creates a sense of occasion and gives everyone something to do while they’re meeting new people, chatting with old friends, and sizing up the in-laws. Check out our easy, tasty suggestions and get cooking good looking! 

Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower 3

Picking out bridal shower invitations can be a daunting task. What colors, what theme, should it match the main wedding theme? AND Yes…..some may toss the invite directly into the trash after they have placed the event info on their calendar. ALTHOUGH….. if you are anything like me, a good invitation makes my heart flutter!

A well designed card can express the simple gesture of a warm welcome & inviting hospitality.  This joyful gift in the mailbox of your friendship and strong connection of family can make all the difference if you have taken the time to make it special! Give forth effort on sending out an invitation that is not only inviting, but represents the bride and the groom.

Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower 2

Tired of the same favor ideas? Searching for something new and trendy to thank your guests for coming? Trying to mix it up and gather new ideas on your own can be exhausting? We are diving in and bringing you the latest and greatest favors as bridal shower bliss continues here at B&G Planner. Keep in mind…….many of these ideas could also be used as bridal favors at the wedding, WHAT FUN! If you have the honors of throwing a bridal shower that you are hoping to make as memorable as possible……we have some great suggestions that will keep your guests smiling all the way home!

First up……personalized cookies (pictured above right) YUMMO! They could be placed in clear bags with a ribbon or in a matching box with a personalized sticker! You could even take a class and decorate them up yourself! Check out Diane’s Cake, Candy & Cookie Supplies located on Harrison Avenue for all of your cookie and cake decorating needs!

Ultimate Guide to a FUN Bridal Shower

We have caught a serious case of bridal shower fever over here at B&GP! Join us as we kick off a new series and bring you fresh ideas, the latest and greatest shower gifts and cool venue picks for your next bridal shin dig. Our number one goal……placing the fun back into wedding showers!

Choosing a theme can seem overwhelming with so many directions to choose from. The latest trend…..couple showers! Throw out that “no girl” rule and keeping it casual. Throwing a backyard shower is a perfect opportunity to invite the guys! Serving comfort food by a cozy bonfire with fireflies abound, allowing springtime to set the tone makes for a perfect night.


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