The Entertainment you choose for your wedding should represent your personal style with the ability to engage emotions with your guests. A Band, Jazz Ensemble or a DJ are great options, each creates a very distinctive environment. It is crucial to hire the right Entertainment Specialist as they play an extremely important role in managing the time line for all of the activities that take place during the Celebration.

For example, they make all formal announcements: Entrance of Bridal Party, The Wedding Toast, Cutting of the Cake, Wedding Party Dances and much more! Interview several Wedding Entertainers and choose the one you feel most comfortable with and who is a right match for you. There are a variety of musicians such as: a String Quartet, a Harpist, a Pianist, or a Flutist you may want to consider. A musician playing during cocktail hour can serve as a source of entertainment prior to the arrival of the bridal party.

Hiring a Dance Professional

A Wedding Dance Professional can help you by choreographing what will work best for you and focus on your wedding specifics; when you will dance, how you will enter the room, what type of dress\shoes to wear. Hiring a Dance professional will help you learn how to coordinate your bodies by dance. Practice is the key. Try to stay calm and if you make a mistake, laugh it off. The mistake will only seem big to you and will probably go unnoticed by your guests.

Specialty Lighting

Adding Specialty Lighting such as: Pinspot Lighting, Up lighting and Monograms on the wall or ceiling can turn simple into stunning! Specialty Lighting creates a mood and helps to set the tone for the night. Entertainment Specialists are full of creative suggestions, ideas and examples of how to utilize lighting effects correctly to make any venue look even more amazing. Most Entertainment companies offer this service, If not check with Decoration & Rental companies for alternative options.

Budget & Timeline

Entertainment for your wedding is typically about 3-18% of your overall budget. The variance in range is based on the type and length of the Entertainment you choose. It is best to begin selecting your Entertainment 9-18 months prior to your wedding.

Helpful questions to ask:

Can you manage sound for the Ceremony if needed?

How extensive is your music library?

Do you offer a do not play list?

How do we select songs?

Do you take requests during an event?

Who serves as the MC for night?

Do you have wireless mics?

What other services do you provide?
o Lighting o Karaoke o Photo Montage o TV’s/Video Screens • Will your band learn a specific song for us? • Who will play during the band breaks? • What is your dress attire? • What are your deposit requirements? • What is your cancellation policy? Helpful Hints There are many formal traditional activities that take place during a wedding celebration. Your Entertainment Specialists will know all the formalities and in what order they traditionally take place, for a brief explanation, see the back of this page. The traditional bride may choose to participate in all the more formal traditional activities, while other brides may eliminate or shorten them. Discuss in detail what is most important to you and your groom with your Entertainment Specialists, trust in them, they have seen it all and will be able to offer some creative alternatives to fit you style! “What do you want your guests to remember most about your reception? If they have a great time they leave raving about how much fun they had. If the entertainment was average or inadequate that is how people view the reception. You wouldn’t describe your dream reception as average would you? The number one factor that will determine whether or not the guests are going to be raving about your reception for years to come is the entertainment. Entertainment can make or break your reception. You have invested a lot of money in this party; make sure it is a memorable one!” Brandon, Hey! Mr. DJ

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