Three MOH Tips For a Happy and Stress-Free Bride

 by: Morgan grey

When my sister asked me to be the maid of honor for her wedding, I immediately felt two things: excitement at the opportunity and anxiety over all the responsibility! Though she was my only sister and the first one in our family to get married, I’d gained some bridal party knowledge by being a bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding. The experience had left me feeling grateful that all the pressure over details, arrangements, and scheduling hadn’t fallen on my shoulders! I’d also realized just how much the maid of honor needed to do in order to keep the bride focused on her big day and not on all the stresses of planning. Now, as my sister’s maid of honor, I watched her wedding to-do list get longer by the minute and realized I’d better sit down and make some plans of my own. Below are a few of the things I learned along the way that made my maid of honor responsibilities a lot less hectic and a lot more organized!

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Keep a Wedding Calendar

As the maid of honor, I made it a point to ensure I kept track of all my sister’s wedding-related appointments. I purchased a planner and made certain that I recorded the date, time, location, contact name, and phone number for each of her engagements. I e-mailed my sister a copy of her schedule at the beginning of each week so she would have a record for herself. I made sure to include any special notes that went along with each appointment such as directions to the location, parking instructions, and any questions she had wanted to discuss. As I generally accompanied my sister to these engagements, I also kept detailed notes of our wedding gift registry with instructions, times, venues, pricing, and anything else she would need to consider for her wedding plans. If you decide to use a physical binder make sure there is room for a calendar, notes, receipts, and business cards. Keeping an organized record of your bride’s appointments is a great way to help her eliminate stress since she knows there’s someone else there who won't let her forget one of her important engagements!

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Keep An Eye On The Budget

Tracking wedding expenses can become an overwhelming project for a bride when she is also trying to trim down the guest list, select a delicious menu, find the right venue, and search for that perfect dress. As my sister’s MOH, I kept a careful record of all her wedding costs, dedicating one section of my planner to that purpose alone. Each time we received an estimate from a vendor, I added it to the list and then to her running total. Make sure you ask if the vendor's quote includes a tax; I discovered that some added it in to their estimated total while others did not. As it came time to make deposits on some of my sister’s choices, I started keeping records for each separate vendor so I could be certain to track payments and balances for every one individually. I also made sure to keep receipts in my planner as well. To ensure they didn’t accidentally get mixed with the other wedding paperwork I kept, I purchased an inexpensive zipper pouch which I clipped into the three-ring binder section and stored all the receipts there. My sister often expressed her gratitude at not having to worry about every penny as we went through the process since she knew I was keeping such careful track!

Keep Calm, No Matter What

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In addition to all the planning, tracking, and organizing, I found my attitude and outward demeanor also had an important effect on my sister’s stress level. During her times of greatest frustration or anxiety, a calm and level perspective could help her work through her worries and get back to the right frame of mind. As I found through my experience in my friend’s wedding, there’s nothing worse than a cranky, irritable, or spoiled bridesmaid or maid of honor. Instead of being a support to the bride, a difficult bridal party ends up dragging her down and adding to her level of stress. As my sister’s maid of honor, I discovered that there were plenty of irritations, worries, and concerns that came with that all-important title, but I also discovered that if I stayed calm, it helped her do the same. This made the entire wedding planning experience a happier, more enjoyable process for the both of us and one that we will look back on with pleasure throughout our lives!

Fall Wedding Preview

Fall is just around the corner! Bold blood orange and taupe color pallets are perfect for the transition from summer into fall.The neutral color enhances hues found in nature such as green and chocolate brown perfect with gold tone accents. Whether you want a color pallet closer to summer or fall choose between a tangerine orange and deep blood orange as your primary accent color. The contrast between the colors can never go wrong in an outdoor wedding. Dress the tables with taupe linens and decorate with greens, candles, and colorful flowers. Fall themed appetizers and rustic earthy greens such as a roasted summer vegetable blend alongside a blood orange cocktail will tie the evening together. Guests won’t be missing summer with this neutral yet bold color pallet that exudes elegance the essence of fall.


One Week until Your Wedding – Now What?

Are you stressing over flowers arrangements? Seating charts? A rainy weather forecast? Make-up not matching your tan? Whether or not your grandma will arrive on time? That last minute guest asking for a plus one? LET IT GO! Remember, this is your wedding. You are marrying the person of your dreams – and this occasion is to celebrate the love between two families. The weather might not be perfect; buy an umbrella and extra hair spray. Don’t sweat the small stuff because you have hired the best vendors who (and I guarantee) have seen and dealt with the worst wedding day situations.

As a bride and groom, you have selected a group of fine men and women who you can use to make sure your wedding is flawless! The key word you need to remember is DELEGATE. Do not try to take every situation into your own hands. Here is a list of things that should be considered in the week before your wedding including your wedding day – It is you party but you’re NOT allowed to cry if you want to!

Signature Cocktails

Having an open bar at your wedding is a great way for all your guests to celebrate the night and make sure you have plenty of bodies on the dance floor. If you have a tight budget or don’t want your guests to be falling on the dance floor, you may opt for an open bar that only includes beer, wine and a signature drink. If you decide on having a cash bar, notify guests in the RSVP if they will need to bring extra cash for their own preferred drinks. A signature drink is a special way to tie the theme of your wedding together. Selecting a signature drink should accommodate the tastes of both men and women at your party. If you decide upon two drinks, select a light liquored drink with a vodka or rum base and also a dark liquored drink like whiskey or bourbon. Here are some of our favorites:

Preservation tips & hints

Preserving Flowers - After the wedding, the beauty and memory of your wedding flowers can be professionally preserved so that you'll have a cherish keepsake that can be enjoyed for your lifetime.  

Preserving the Gown - Your gown can be preserved for future generations.

Tips on your Future

Getting settled into a new life as husband and wife is much easier than you think. The first year of marriage is a significant time change for both of you. During this time you should seek professional advice from an accountant and attorney to assist you with your taxes and preparing a will.

Videography & Cinematography Tips

When your wedding day is over, your lasting memories can be cherished with a well produced Video of the day’s events. Choosing the right Videographer/Cinematographer is as important as choosing the right Photographer

Tranportation Tips

Your wedding day transportation is not just about getting from one place to the next; it’s about safety, making a statement and arriving in style!

Gift Registry Tips

In the early planning stages of your wedding, you will likely register for household basics to outfit your new home. A list of items you prefer is a wonderful tool to help family and friends select a gift they know you would like.

Rehearsal Dinner & Parties tips

Your rehearsal dinner can be as memorable as the wedding itself. Rehearsal Dinners are traditionally hosted by the groom’s parents. Invitations should be sent approximately four weeks before the event.

Receptions tips

Your wedding is one of the most significant events of your life. A reception venue plays a huge part in planning your big day. Choices of venues are wide open nowadays, given the many different types of wedding receptions. There are many factors to consider when selecting an ideal venue. What type of venue do you want for your celebration?

Music and Entertainment Tips

The Entertainment you choose for your wedding should represent your personal style with the ability to engage emotions with your guests. A Band, Jazz Ensemble or a DJ are great options, each creates a very distinctive environment. It is crucial to hire the right Entertainment Specialist as they play an extremely important role in managing the time line for all of the activities that take place during the Celebration.

Jewelry Hints and tips

Every girl dreams of a beautiful engagement ring to show off to family and friends. The proposal is a story you will share over and over while showing off you new “rock”,

Invitations and Gifts Tips


Wedding Invitations are an expression of your personality!   Design an invitation that represents your personal style. This is the first time your guests will know the theme and tone of your wedding, make it a great first impression.

Guest Lodging Tips and Tricks

Having out of town guests attend your wedding celebration does not need to add stress to your wedding weekend. Certainly, when friends and relatives make that special effort to attend from out of town, you’ll want to do everything you can to make them feel welcomed,

Wedding Services Tips

A professional bridal consultant will assist you in assembling your "dream team" of wedding vendors that will all strive to make your day everything that you have ever dreamed it to be.

Wedding Ceremony Tips

A professional bridal consultant will assist you in assembling your "dream team" of wedding vendors that will all strive to make your day everything that you have ever dreamed it to be.

Photography hints

Long after the music stops playing, the guests have gone home and the fairy tale day ends, all that will remain are the memories and the photographs.

Top Ten Reminders

When Shopping For Your Dream Gown

by Kelsey Hubble

Set A Budget! Probably the most obvious rule for the new bride! Your budget should be set before you make any wedding decisions, buying your dress is no different. We like our brides to know what they want or need to spend to make their dream come true. Most bridal salons offer packages or discounts and almost all salons are more than willing to work with the budgeted bride. And remember, that $ marked gown isn’t going to make or break your dream day, shop around and find the dress that works on you and for you!

Do Your Research!

Some girls have their dream dress etched into their minds since they first saw Cinderella, others, well they’re a little less than clueless. Your best bet is to do some research! Grab a magazine, go to, and ask as many questions to as many people as possible – at least you’ll have an idea of what you like and don’t like. It’s also helpful to associate yourself with bridal terms (if you haven’t already!) Terms like rouching, pickups, trumpet, bustle, MOH, ect.

Mother’s Golden Rule…

Everyone remembers their mother’s golden rule, “Always wear clean panties, you might end up in the hospital and what would you say then!” (must say in a nasally voice!) Apply that rule to gown shopping. You and your consultant are going to get up-close and personal in that dressing room, and no matter how gorgeous that dress is you won’t look like a bride if you look like you just got back from Extreme Spinning. Also keep in mind the amount of make-up you wear, with all the different color options for brides these days you want to be able to match the perfect one to your natural skin tone.

Leave the Entourage on HBO

Wedding Attire Tips and Tricks


You’ve dreamed about walking down the aisle since you were a little girl and now the time has come to make your dream come true.   Selecting the perfect gown may be a lengthy process and is one of the most important decisions you will make during your planning process.  Start early by browsing through wedding magazines for ideas and styles.   Mark the ones you like and bring them with you as you begin to shop!   Bridal Shops have gown specialists who will assist you with measurements and narrowing down your selections to find the style dress that will look best on your body type.  Have fun, try on as many gowns as you want.  You will know when you have found “the one”!

Some of the more traditional gown styles 


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