Getting settled into a new life as husband and wife is much easier than you think. The first year of marriage is a significant time change for both of you. During this time you should seek professional advice from an accountant and attorney to assist you with your taxes and preparing a will. Utilizing these services and the services below will help you build an easier and more prosperous life for you future.

Changing you name is very quite simple. All you have to do is write it in on your marriage license in the space provided and the legal part is done! In most counties, a name changing kit will come with your marriage license packet. Financial Advice; Money concerns are a major factor in marriage and should be taken serious. Couples generally find it useful to plan and coordinate their finances, instead of managing their money separately. Insurance- Developing a sound financial plan also includes adequate protection against life’s unforeseen risk. Premature death, sickness and tragedies are possible and it is a risk that no married person should ignore. Purchasing your first home is both exciting and overwhelming. A real estate agent is here to help you with this process... Read More

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Sibcy Cline Realtor - Tiffany Wright...


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